Frequently Asked Questions

Undelivered Order

It may take up to 3 hours before the order can be delivered. If you do not receive the order after 3 hours, please contact us by submitting a ticket with your Transaction Record including Transaction ID, Amount and the time of the payment.

VIP Supscription Renewal

If your VIP subscription is active, the renewal is also automatic. To prevent duplicated payments, do not renew manually. If you wish to cancel your VIP supscription, you can submit a ticket notifying us.

Account Safety

Account details are based on the log in method that you last used when you played any of our games. However, accounts using different methods to log in are not binded. If you see your account starts anew when logging in, confirm if the details of your login are correct.
Please note, we do not encourage account trading or any form of sharing. Game Hollywood will not be responsible for any losses caused by such acts.

Passwod Recovery

If you log in using any other method than the official page account, please contact the respective platform for password recovery.
If you use our official website, please use "Forgot Password?" to recover your password.

Account Recovery

If you have an account you'd like to recover, please submit a ticket by creating a new account.
Please provide details on the game, server, character name and anything else that will help us assist you on the issue. If you have payment records associated with the account you want to recover, send them over too.

Stolen Account

If you log in using any other method than the official page account, please contact the respective platform for account recovery.
If can't reset your password, please send us a ticket including the game, server, character name, and recharge records. Remember that used, modified or removed items may not be able to be recovered.

General Game Issues

The loading time of some features or functions may take longer depending on your browser. If you are experiencing longer loading times or missing features in your game interface, please clear your current browser cache and restart the browser. If that doesn't work, please send us a ticket.

Connection Issues

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page in case of maintenance. Otherwise, please submit a ticket to support for further assistance.

What are the GHG Coins?

GHG Coin is the currency of the Game Hollywood Games platform, it can be used to purchase in-game items on Game Hollywood Games.

How do I obtain GHG Coins?

Recharge is the only method to obtain GHG Coins. You can buy them by clicking on the "SHOP" button on your account profile page.

Where can I check my GHG Coin balance?

You will find your balance under MY GHG WALLET on your account profile page.

Where can I check my Coin history?

Click on View Purchase History under My GHG WALLET on your account profile page to check your GHG Coin history.

Are all in-game products available with GHG Coins?

No. Only some of the items can be purchased with GHG Coins. You can pay attention to the product page.

Can I make a refund after purchasing an in-game item with GHG Coins?


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